They ask the UK to pressure Colombia to stop the repression (+ photo) – Prensa Latina

We need help, Colombia needs help, the group gathered in front of the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the UK Parliament, chanted as Elizabeth II delivered the so-called Queen’s Speech as the government’s legislative agenda for the coming months is outlined.

At least 49 people have been killed in the Latin American country since the start of the national strike last week against Duque’s proposed tax reform.

Despite the president’s withdrawal of the initiative, demonstrations continued in several Colombian cities demanding improvements to the health system and salary increases, and against state corruption.

“We are here to protest because the Colombian government is killing people, and there are human rights violations,” Aldemar Vandinho told Prensa Latina, who accused former President Alvaro Uribe of being behind the violent crackdown, which also left more than 900 missing.

Vandinho, who said he has been in London for 15 years, believes that the aborted tax reform was only the motivation behind the national strike because Colombia’s problems are, he said, deeper.

For her part, Natalia Cano explained that the intention of the demonstration on Tuesday in central London is to inform the world about what is happening in her home country.

He pointed out that not only the murders, but also hundreds of disappeared, we want justice to be done and Doki left power, because he is a killer.

For her part, a young woman who introduced herself as Diana said that the United Kingdom and the rest of the international community should pressure the Colombian government to stop cracking down on protesters.

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The human rights activist said that if there was enough international pressure, our lives would be protected, denouncing that in a week of protests, there were already about fifty dead and 980 missing.

According to a young Colombian residing in this capital, this time is not a national protest of youth, rebels or leftists, but rather a protest against people who want to receive their pensions without delay, enjoy a decent health system and a better future for their children. .

Diana stressed that all this ends when the international community decides to pressure our government to respect human rights.

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