They are holding a strong union strike in Uruguay – Prensa Latina

Abdullah pointed to the commitment of union organizations to the call, at the same time as measures are taken to keep vaccination centers against Covid-19 open, and transportation services to reach them open and safe.

In an interview with reporters, he indicated that it is an indication of the situation, as more than 123 thousand applicants appeared against 15 thousand risky temporary jobs that the government recently withdrew.

What the Pit-Cnt Representative Council called an active strike, concluded with three convoys of vehicles converging on Independence Square and a representative handed a document with claims to the Office of the Presidency and a request for an interview with President Louis Lacalle Poe.

Among the demands are a basic monthly emergency income for a year for $440 and a basic basket of public services such as electricity, water, internet and gas to mitigate the pandemic’s economic impact on the most disadvantaged population.

They demand more state investment in public works for job creation, public procurement policies, a welfare network, access to land, financial support for small and micro businesses, guaranteed access to housing, a new youth employment law and not the privatization of state entities.

The union leader emphasized that during the day, thousands of signatures were collected simultaneously for a referendum to withdraw 135 articles of the Government’s Urgent Consideration Law.


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