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Technology and developer jobs have rarely been more attractive in the UK. to me ZDNet PortalJob search engine Adzuna reports that over the past few months there have been consistently over 100,000 tech jobs per week on the platform. As of one week in May they reached 132,000 viewings. However, the problem was getting the right staff.

The hiring data is clear: Growing tech companies are hiring fast. Unsurprisingly, one of the most in-demand jobs is software developer, with nearly 10,000 jobs opening, in April 2021 alone, such as AI and data science jobs. With an average salary of nearly $59,000 per year (306 million pesos), these AI roles are opportunities that can completely change people’s lives.

the problem? There are not enough candidates to fill all the empty roles. Therefore, the topic of talent is one of the biggest concerns for decision makers in rapidly expanding technology companies. Organizations that complete an investment round often find themselves busy finding people to grow their organization.

The good news for Colombian developers is that one in four of these vacancies are flagged as remote. This means that companies are looking for talent across the country and around the world with the goal of meeting their talent needs.

For this reason, private sector initiatives for human resource training are increasing. Earlier this month, a free two-year programming school founded by entrepreneur Brent Huberman opened in London, with the promise that students would get a guaranteed job at a high-tech company upon graduation. the name of the thing 01 FoundersThe Foundation has alliances with companies such as Peloton, Nominet, and Faculty.

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Boot camps and short courses are also becoming more popular. Google, for example, offers a machine learning engineer certification for $200; While IBM launched a six-course certificate for artificial intelligence engineering on Coursera.

We hope this situation will motivate the Colombian developer community to expand their skills in order to compete in this growing marketing.

picture: Kevin Koo and Pexels. is a collaboration with s Holburton Columbia School To strengthen the programming community in Colombia.

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