The Warriors want to keep Marc Gasol in the NBA

from United State They confirm it Golden State Warriors can be after Mark Gasolwho plans to continue his career by returning to Spain to play in LEB Oro, and returning to his beginnings to play in Basketball Girona. A few weeks ago, the Spanish player left Lakers a Memphis and the grizzly They also terminated their contract.

«Mark Gasol It is a name to consider. He could have signed the Warriors last year,” began explaining journalist Anthony Slater, from The American Medium athlete. “It may never have happened, but he has the ability to pass and a specific set of moves that have traditionally been associated with the best offensive systems in the game. care“he added.

On September 10, the news was published: Mark Gasol leave Lakers and went to Memphis Grizzlies. In this way, the Spanish player returned to the team he played in most years NBA. But Axis’s intention was to terminate his contract and become a free agent to return to Spain.

The days pass and you are hired by Basketball Girona It continues without closing. Mark Gasol He wants to go back to the club where he shone before he jumped into NBA Thus wrapping up an incredible career, ever since Olympic Games The Spanish team also left.

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