The video does not show a “human meat factory” in the UK; It’s a mockumentary

Artificial meat is made from human cells‼️ “Human meat is made by humans” and they say it is the best alternative to climate change.I refer to the entries on Facebook (1, 2), cable And s. Similar posts were published in English And Serbian.

Screenshot of a Facebook post shared on February 28, 2024

The viral entry shares a 21-second video with a narrator speaking in English about “Meat made from human cells“.”I’m Gregg Wallace and I’m visiting Good Harvest, where six tons of human flesh are produced every day.“, he adds. The recording also shows images of a factory that supposedly produces human meat. In one scene, a person is seen wearing a blue coat and carrying a white box with the words “Human tissue in transit“.

Google search with keywordsGregg Wallace is human flesh” Throw An article in a British newspaper The Independent on July 27, 2023, with the recording going viral. The media notes in the text that the video is “mockumentary“(Documentary in Spanish) entitled”Greg Wallace: Britain’s miracle meat“, broadcast on Channel 4.

Original program with Its duration is 23 minutes and 21 secondsbroadcast on July 24, 2023, and presented by Greg Wallace“, known for shows such as cooking competition “Chef“.

Channel 4 declared the mockumentary Like Wallace’s research on “A controversial new lab-grown meat product whose creators say could provide a solution to the cost of living crisis“He was supposed to visit Wallace.”Good harvest processing plant“In Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

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A mockumentary broadcast in 2023

Channel 4 told AFP that the program was entirely fictional and that all of its participants were actors or were aware of its satirical nature. “It was a commentary on the extreme measures people are forced to take as the cost of living rises.“, they noted in an emailed statement on August 14, 2023.

Channel 4 has a long and rich history of satire and often uses humor as an easy way to highlight society’s biggest issues“, they added.

Wallace himself described the program as “spelling” in Enter on your Instagram account (now deleted) in which he wrote that he really enjoyed “First job as an actor“It was suggested that it was inspired by Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay.”A modest proposal“, suggesting that the poor in Ireland should sell their children as food to the rich.

Wallace also shared A Screenshot From an article in the British media guardian“, entitled”British Miracle Meat: The story behind one of the best TV hoaxes in history“.

In a post On his websiteThe presenter admitted that the program sparked a “wave of anger on social media” and insisted that it was not real: “It was satire: supposed to be hard-hitting, supposed to make light of a serious situation.“.

For his part, public relations spokesman Wallace Paul Leader confirmed to Agence France-Presse that, “It was a satirical film” And “His claims were not true.“.

according to The program director noted Tom Kingsley, for BBC Culture, said the aim was “Mocking the way the misery of the cost of living has become normalized” in the UK. “We wanted to make the audience feel angry about how unfair our country has become and how terrible it is for us to accept this situation“, He said.

Additionally, in the film’s end credits, “Thanks to Jonathan Swift” followed by the cast in alphabetical order, plus “Casting director“, which indicates that the story is representative.

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