Mexico announces the deportation of Cubans and Venezuelans rejected by the United States

mexico city – Mexico Intermediates with systems Cuba And Venezuela Why United State It can deport illegal immigrants directly to those countries, after Washington tightens its immigration policy.

From the President’s government Donald Trump (2017-2021), Mexico It accepts immigrants expelled from the United States to its territory, and even returns them to their countries. It also allows them to manage asylum applications from border cities.

“Since we have very good relations with everyone, we have agreements and we can, from Mexico, send migrants to any country (…) We help to ensure their acceptance in the countries where they do (the United States),” said Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador. : “They do not have a good relationship, and they can take deportation proceedings.”

The Mexican President said: “The deportees should arrive directly to their countries. This requires more attention and care for human rights.”

Lopez Obrador mentioned in particular cases Cuba And Venezuela.

At the beginning of this year, Caracas suspended an agreement with Washington to receive its deported nationals, after the restoration of sanctions imposed on the regime of Nicolas Maduro, which it considers illegal.

Repatriation agreements

Blas Nuñez Neto, the U.S. Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Border and Immigration Policy, said his country is in “ongoing discussions with governments throughout the Eastern and Western Hemispheres” to reach agreements that would allow for the rapid repatriation of people who do not return to their home country. They have a legal basis to remain in the United States, reported.

Nunez Neto stressed that these measures will facilitate the accelerated deportation of a greater number of migrants, either to their countries of origin or to Mexico.

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On Tuesday, the United States announced immediate restrictions on migrants seeking asylum at the border between the United States and Mexico. These measures will take effect when the number of daily border confrontations reaches 2,500, a number that has already been exceeded, according to US authorities.

Since the beginning of the year, Mexico has strengthened immigration controls to prevent migrants from reaching the United States, as a result of bilateral agreements reached between December and January to confront the wave of migration.

Rafael Velasquez, director of the International Rescue Committee in Mexico, stressed that his country’s role is crucial in implementing US immigration policies.

“Certainly, in the last three months we have seen an acceleration and intensification of containment and detention measures and preventing people from reaching the border,” Velázquez said.

On the border: “Nothing has changed”

Biden signed an executive order, on Tuesday, banning the entry of asylum-seeking migrants who attempt to cross outside official border crossings, in an attempt to neutralize criticism directed at his administration.

The measure announced by the Democratic president would allow him to “suspend the entry” of immigrants when the daily average of arrests exceeds 2,500 people for a consecutive week.

However, there were no noticeable changes at Jacumba Hot Springs.

“Nothing has changed,” said a Border Patrol officer who requested anonymity after counting dozens of migrants waiting to be taken to processing centers.

The authorities are still detaining thousands of immigrants, according to unofficial data reported by American media.



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