The United States arrives with an armored vehicle in San Pedro Sula to confront Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The USA national teamWe arrived Tuesday noon at Ramon Velida Morales Airport in San Pedro Sula for a confrontation tomorrow at 8:30 PM. Honduras In the Olympic stadium.

The star-and-stripes group of catrachas arrived on a corporate charter flight American Airlines at 1.30 pm And the bus that took them to the Focus Hotel entered the tarmac, so the delegation had no contact with anyone.

from the airport terminal, patrol and four motorized vehicles of 12 policemen, They accompany the American team to the transfer to the hotel.


The security cordon at the facilities on which the US selection will focus will be significant.

There will be police outside, inside, and in the corridors of the rooms in which they will be staying. There will be 10 men in uniform to protect them.

The same amount of cops when they arrive will be with them as they make their way to the stadium tonight (pollution) around 7:00 PM.

It is noteworthy that the confrontation between H and the US team will take place on Wednesday, September 8, at the Olympic Stadium, and it begins at exactly one hour. 8:30 p.m. Honduran time.

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