Ecuador scraps airline tax on foreign currency influx – Prensa Latina

At the ceremony held at the Carondelet Palace, the presidential residence, the president said the measure will increase competitiveness, boost development, investment and revitalization.

He also stressed that it will be the key to communication and achieving open skies agreements with the whole world.

The regulation includes the abolition of the ISD for transfers, cargo and currency exchange operations by foreign airlines.

As explained by the Minister of Tourism, Nils Olsen, national tourism constitutes state policy and in this context the decision just taken is recorded.

He pointed out that other countries in the region signed this type of agreement more than 20 years ago.

For his part, the President of the Association of Ecuadorean Airlines Representatives (Arlae), Marco Sobia, confirmed that from his entity they have a firm intention to improve internal and external communication, for which a plan to strengthen Ecuador, responsible for airlines, at no cost to the state.

According to the data, the state will no longer receive the $11 million it received from the exit tax, but it will benefit from an increase in the number of passengers and an increase in routes, by lowering ticket values ​​and increasing tickets. Travel options and connections.

The CEO’s idea is to extend the abolition of ISD to other areas such as transportation in freight companies, cargo and national companies, which according to the authorities will increase the flow of travelers.

There is still much to be done in the tourism sector. Now there will be a better environment for new airlines to come to Ecuador and existing companies to increase the number of their flights”, said President Laso.

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He said that the mere announcement of the open skies agreements had already stimulated companies to express their interest in establishing new frequencies to and from Ecuador.

He also announced that they would review measures implemented to promote beaches, snow-capped mountains, forests and the Galapagos Islands as destinations in the country and described tourism as one of the major industries and mainstays of the economy.

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