The United Kingdom supports mega events with a million dollars

In this program, The state will play the role of “reinsurer”, that is, it will interfere through the “display A Ensure that insurance companies can suggest products that event sector companies need it,” the ministry specifies.

The new pandemic wave that hit the UK at the start of the summer has forced some festivals to abandon their holdings this year, dampening hopes for a recovery in the cultural sector that has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“We have some of the best events in the world here in the UK, and they are world-famous festivals,” said Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, explaining it with this programme, Concerts can be organized as professional events “with confidence”.

On the other hand, out of fear of a drop in vaccination among young people, The government will turn to the world of the night to incite this segment of the population to vaccinate.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this recentlyFrom the end of September It would require a double vaccination against the coronavirus to be able to enter nightclubs or attend events that attract large numbers of people.

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