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No doubt It is one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS phones. With it you can try the multi-device option so that you do not depend on your mobile phone when watching On your PC or computer, send photos and videos that disappear as soon as your contacts see them, as well as send documents as Word, PDF, GIF, or attachments Animations and emojis. Take note.

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Although the latter is very popular, it also aroused suspicion among the people, since each symbol has a meaning. Some of them are a little obvious, while others need a translation so as not to be confused, as with a person bending his hand. Do you know what it is for? ? Has anyone sent it to you before? Here we explain it to you.

What does the emoji mean for a person who leans in hand

To know exactly what this means For the person who tends his hand, it is necessary to resort to one of the websites responsible for collecting all the WhatsApp icons and explaining them in detail: .

This source explains that Emoji for hand bending known as person leaning hand In English. It is characterized as a person holding his hand on his shoulder as if carrying a tray of drinks or moving his hair. This emoji is commonly used to express trick or ridicule.

This emoji has been approved as part of In 2010 and in addition to In 2015. While the gender has not been determined, several early designs appeared on this emoji as a female.

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She is also known by these names

  • buttons
  • Reception and Guidance Services
  • hair movement
  • rude girl
All versions of the person with a curved emoji. (Photo: Emojipedia.org)

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