The United Kingdom includes aviation and ships in its emissions target

The UK includes airlines and shipping companies in their emissions target

The UK takes the lead over the European Union and announces restrictive emissions measures for the aviation and shipping sectors, To become the first major economy to include it in the national carbon budget.

Besides aviation and ships, the British government has also announced that it will cut emissions by 78% by 2035Let’s remember all of this in line with its ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

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From Transport and the Environment, which previously reported that airlines have agreed to pay to offset the growth in carbon pollution, I reported this good news, noting that “Emissions from aviation and shipping have grown rapidly in the past 20 years.”. T&E Aviation Director Andrew Murphy said:

With this world-leading announcement, the UK is showing how to take responsibility for its impact on the climate.

The European Union can catch up by making sure its next set of climate measures regulate all emissions from European aviation.

The United Kingdom is the third country in the world responsible for CO2 emissions from aviation, behind only the United States and China. If the UK can do it, so can the European Union. ”

The measure includes emissions from aviation and shipping, however T&E cautions that calculating emissions is not the same as actually reducing it. To which Matt Finch, T&E UK Policy Officer, added:

“This is a major step on the road to decarbonizing aircraft and ships. But while properly accounting for emissions is essential, we now need meaningful measures to prevent future emissions from exceeding pre-pandemic levels.”

The epidemic that, if something good happened in its most complex moment, it was Significant reduction in emissions that can be recorded practically throughout the world, To highlight one of the most polluted countries like China, or without going further in ours Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which have set records.

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