The UK will pressure countries to meet their COP26 commitments

This content was published on Dec 15, 2021 – 4:13 pm

London, 15 December (EFE). Britain’s COP26 Climate Summit Chair Alok Sharma said on Wednesday that over the next year he will continue to press for all countries to honor the commitments they made at the ended meeting. 1 year ago a month ago in Glasgow (United Kingdom).

“The work has not stopped in the last month. We continue to maintain international contacts, talking with partners around the world, and pressing to ensure that commitments are translated into action,” Sharma said in a virtual press conference.

The former British Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will hand over the flag as the lead person in charge of the November 2022 climate summit to Egypt, which will host COP27.

It will also maintain a close relationship with the United Arab Emirates, which is responsible for COP28, as well as with Germany and Indonesia, which will hold the presidency of the Group of Seven and the Group of Twenty, respectively.

Over the next 12 months, Sharma will work with the governments of those countries to verify implementation of the emissions reduction targets and climate finance acquired in Glasgow, among other aspects.

“We came to COP26 with great ambitions and reached a historic agreement. We succeeded in maintaining the 1.5 degree (maximum global warming) target,” Sharma said, stressing that it was now important to “fulfill the commitments.”

The President of the Climate Summit affirmed that he is confident of achieving the goal of mobilizing at least $100 billion before the end of 2023 to finance climate change in developing countries.

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Over the next twelve months, it will also maintain its focus on the programs announced in Glasgow to reduce coal use.

Regarding China’s commitments, in particular, Sharma welcomed the agreement the Asian country has reached with the United States, and hopes that new developments will emerge from this bilateral framework in the coming years. EFE

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