British naturalist Atenborough will take over the position of Ombudsman for COP26 – Prensa Latina

The government stated that the famous scientist and author of many documentaries on nature and the environment will be responsible for explaining to world leaders and the public the seriousness of climate change and the need for concrete measures to be taken to address it.

Atenboro, who turned 95 on Saturday, will spend the next six months speaking at major international forums, including the G7 summit in person in Cornwall, England, in June.

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, there is no one better than the historian and TV presenter to talk about the topic before and during COP26.

Thanks to his passion and knowledge, the Governor said, Sir David Attenborough has inspired millions of people in the UK and around the world to take action against climate change and protect the planet for future generations.

For his part, Attenborough thanked the appointment and warned that the problems that humanity will face within five to 10 years will be more serious than those caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

He said it was of utmost importance for the Glasgow summit to succeed and for the countries at least to come together to solve the urgent problems the world now faces.

COP26, which should have been postponed for a year due to the pandemic, is seen as one of the last opportunities for which world leaders will have to adopt concrete commitments to reduce carbon emissions that lead to the so-called greenhouse effect to zero by 2050.

Rich countries are also expected to increase their financial contributions to help underdeveloped countries mitigate the effects of climate change.

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