The United Kingdom, France and Italy are banning flights from India, but Simon says “we shouldn’t be alarmed”

India is currently experiencing its worst epidemic. The variant that has spread across the country is causing thousands of deaths every day. The United Kingdom, France and Italy, among others, have already taken measures to ban flights from India. In Spain, in charge of the Center for Coordination of Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando SimonReduce the virulence of this Indian breed: “We shouldn’t be worried.”

The Madrid group, in the wake of major European countries, has requested that flights from India be banned and stricter controls put in place at Barajas airport. This is not the first time that the Madrid government has stepped forward to the Socialist-Communist executive branch and time has proven it right. Has passed At the beginning of the first wave.

Even more disturbing is the calm with which Fernando Simon deals with the expansion of the Indian dynasty. «Not discovered yet, That I have knowledge “If he didn’t have … – there is no case of Indian variant B.1,” he said on Monday at a press conference presenting the epidemic data.

Moreover, Simon asserted that “the information It does not indicate that we should be concerned about it». It focused on the fact that “the most occupied alternative in Spain right now is British», It is prevalent with 94% of injuries.

The message that Simon sent, given precedents, is disturbing. It was the director of the Alert Center himself who at the time said that the British dynasty was “marginal”, and it ended up being destroyed by Spain by the variant from the United Kingdom.

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Simon, in just 8 days, went from making sure the British breed was not alarmed to saying that in March he would “be the dominant surrogate,” as it was later clarified, not only the dominant but also More fierce Regarding the spread.

Now, while the major European countries, from the United Kingdom through France and Italy, the latter are in The situation is worse than the Spaniards, We decided to put an end to the possible spread of the Indian variant, the supreme official in the health of the government reduces the arrival of this strain to Spain.

Simon’s “prediction” may have something to do with the fact that the state of alert issued by Pedro Sanchez in October 9 May is declining and there is no alternative plan in the event that independent societies exacerbate their epidemiological situation, which is to that effect. Contribute to the entry of this new Indian variant to the peninsula. In addition, the vaccination rate remains slow and the effects of a new wave will be difficult to mitigate.

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