The UK will mobilize 200 troops to alleviate fuel shortages at service stations

Since last week some Oil companies have warned of supply problems due to a shortage of truck drivers to transport fuel.

In recent days, huge streaks and violent scenes have been seen at many gas station pumps across British soil, who have panicked as a result of the crisis.

“Military drivers would be of great help but priority should be given to shipments to independent terminals which are ultimately lifelong supply centers”The president of the Service Station Operators Association, Brian Maderson, explained.

In addition, the British government announced the launch of a visa renewal scheme for Nearly 5,000 foreign airlines That they will have to leave the country on December 24 and that they will now be able to stay until the end of February.

The same will happen with 300 other drivers, for whom the government has provided a temporary visa until March 2022.

In this context, the British opposition called for an emergency session to be held in the presence of the British Prime Minister in Parliament to explain the circumstances of the crisis, according to Europe Press news agency.

“The lack of jobs, the rising costs, the empty stores, the fuel crisis and trade barriers are doing us serious harm.”He criticized the Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford.

Despite the crisis, British Business Secretary Kwasi Quarting tried to calm down.

There is no shortage of fuel in the UK, and now we are seeing stabilization in demand. Our storage capacity remains high, and so are our initial fuel deliveries.”, Controversy.

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Shortages in this area affect across Europe, but in the UK the problem has been exacerbated by Brexit, with many Europeans returning to their countries of origin or deciding to work elsewhere and are now unable or unwilling to return due to new immigration rules. which make it difficult and late to enter British territory, before their free entry and exit.

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