The UK says corruption in the Russian military “significantly undermines” its effectiveness

the British intelligence services They pointed out on Friday that cases of corruption within the Russian army “significantly undermine” its effectiveness, in the midst of the military attack launched on Ukraine in February 2022 after the invasion order issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Corruption has long been a problem in the Russian Armed Forces,” they said, before emphasizing that “there is only a remote possibility of significant progress in reducing levels of corruption” in the Russian military.

Hence, they cited information published by the independent newspaper Verstka, on January 30, which “identifies patterns of corruption and the bribery system used by Russian soldiers and commanders,” according to a statement published online by the British Ministry of Defense. Your account on the social network X.

He specified, citing information from Verstka, that “bribes were offered or demanded in exchange for various 'services' such as discharge from service, physical training certificates, rank, driver's licenses, and avoiding disciplinary measures from soldiers for using mobile phones or getting drunk.”

In this sense, they emphasized that the “scope of services” was expanded after the start of the invasion of Ukraine to include “certificates for the wounded, awards for participating in the ‘special military operation’ and avoiding being sent into combat.” “Missions.”

“These activities can be very profitable Corrupt employees. “Verstka” published that the fees for these “services” range from 40,000 rubles (about 405 euros) to avoid being sent to the front lines, to 1 million rubles (about 10,130 euros) in exchange for a certificate for a wounded person.

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