A lawsuit against PlayStation. Sony is accused of charging unfair prices on the PS Store, and faces nearly $8 billion in the UK

The lawsuit began in August last year, but a London court rejected Sony’s attempts to have it dismissed and it could go to trial.

We reported to you more than a year ago that PlayStation was facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit accusing it of “…Fraud your customers“Almost assumed.” 9 million of users in the United Kingdom will be victims High prices In PS Store. Sony allegedly abused its dominant position by generating unfair prices. Today we know that the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has decided so PlayStation should face the lawsuit.

As I read in Reuters, this class action lawsuit against Sony may proceed to trial as determined by the CAT. In this way, PlayStation faces a complaint Nearly $8 billion. Consumer activist Alex Neal claims that Sony is using its position to charge unfair and abusive prices on the PlayStation Store. It turns out that the company only sells digital games and accessories through its digital store Commission rate up to 30%.

Sony’s legal service believes that this lawsuit may “Flawless from start to finish“They assert that it should be dismissed. For its part, the London authority concluded that the case would proceed. In any case, if PlayStation loses a virtual trial, it will have to pay For each affected person, between 67 and 562 pounds for possible damage caused. This is “the first step to ensuring consumers get what they deserve,” Neal said.

More details about the lawsuit against Sony

from VGC We’ve gathered more statements from a user representative: “Sony has taken advantage of the loyalty of PlayStation players and charged them Excessive prices Within years. Importantly, the Competition Tribunal recognized that Sony must explain its actions by ordering its prosecution. With this work we strive Stop this illegal behavior And making sure customers are compensated.”

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This case could continue for many years, but what is clear is that Alex Neil will continue until the end because he receives Finance By a third party. from web page From the plaintiffs there are more details about the lawsuit. Everything indicates that we will receive updated information every few months about the whole process.

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