More details on WWE's arrival on Netflix – Superfights

Dave Meltzer provided some details about the WWE and Netflix agreement.

As we previously reported, the program was announced on January 23 raw wrestling It will arrive on Netflix next year 2025; but, He will not come alone.

Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer also reported that the streaming platform agreement was very exciting, because $5 billion over 10 years.

Plus, not only is RAW coming to Netflix; Featured Live Event (PPV).

«Exclusive Raw show and All PPV shows move to Netflixand Smackdown to Netflix outside the US in territories where there is no existing agreement: a $5 billion over ten years. TKO stock reached record highs with this news

Meltzer said of the agreement.

WWE brings it all to Netflix

As we know, WWE has its own video library platform, WWE Network and Peacock, so there are still some doubts about what will happen with the broadcasts, although in theory it should not have major problems.

Plus, Netflix will have a lot of content, because NXT and SmackDown will also be part of the agreement, which will be broadcast outside the United Statesin addition to many other programs.

“Beginning January 2025, Netflix will be the new exclusive home for Raw in the US, Canada, UK and Latin America. Among other territories, additional countries and regions will be added over time. Additionally, as part of the agreement, Netflix will also become the home for all WWE shows and specials available outside the United States, Including Raw and other weekly WWE shows (SmackDown and NXT)in addition to the company's signature live events, including Wrestlemania. And SummerSlam and Royal Rumble. Award-winning documentaries, original series, and upcoming WWE projects will also be available on Netflix internationally starting in 2025.

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