The UK is seeking to extract up to 500 million barrels of oil.

Government United kingdom Seeks to encourage oil exploration in Falkland IslandsThis is in order to dig and extract what could be a large amount of 500 million barrelswhich would generate millions in royalties for the islands’ government.

On June 24, local authorities in Malvinas began a popular consultation to see if they approved the exploitation plan of the Israeli company Navitas Petroleum. It will close on August 5th.According to the Mineral Resources Department.

British media Telegraph He pointed out: “It is believed that the field contains 1.7 billion barrels of oilMaking it several times larger than the Rosebank project, the UK’s largest planned North Sea development, which is estimated to contain 300 million barrels.

Thus, with the tasks of drilling and prospecting in Seala site located about 200 kilometers north of Puerto Argentino, “could be of use.” Millions of pounds in royalties and taxes applied to profitswhich is likely to transform the entire economy of the islands, It currently relies on sheep farming and fishing.”.

Malvinas Islands: Government endorses claim before UN, proposes ‘mature relationship’ with UK

For this part, Javier Miley He did not make any comment on the matter, although the Chancellor had recently, Diana MondinoHe said the government was seeking a “mature relationship” with London, as well as respecting the “lifestyle” of the Kelpers.

Last month, the Argentine representative abroad participated in the session on the question of the Malvinas Islands of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, in New York, USA, According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

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The UN official appeared to Ratification of the country’s sovereign right over the Malvinas Islands And to demand that the United Kingdom begin diplomatic negotiations with Argentina to end the illegal occupation of national territory.

At the beginning of his speech, Mondino pointed out that “191 years have already passed since the beginning of the illegal occupation of the islands by the United Kingdom. The time has passed since It did not diminish the validity of our claim in any way. This did not change our conviction that this long-standing dispute must be resolved peacefully through bilateral negotiations.

He said: “These populations were not subjected, controlled or subjugated by a colonial power, nor do they constitute a population ethnically and culturally distinct from the occupying power (…).” The goal of decolonization is not the population, with whom we have no differences, but the land.

In this context, the Chancellor expressed the importance of conducting negotiations “taking into account the provisions and objectives of the agreement.” Charter of the United Nations” And also “islanders interests

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