McKellen out after incident – 24 hours

he British actor Ian McKellen It will no longer appear in the tour. United kingdom From his theatrical production Shakespearian After falling off the stage during a performance in LondonAs stated in a statement yesterday.

McKellen He said he accepted “with the greatest reluctance.” Medical advice He will not be able to work in the meantime, although he is expected to make a full recovery.

“I really wanted to take Kings of Players For theater lovers Bristol, Birmingham, Norwich and Newcastle“But I can assure you that with David Seamark now playing Falstaff, the production Robert Icke His company of actors remains as impressive as ever. Go see for yourself!

The team behind Kings of Players He added at the end who McKellen “He continues to recover very well, but he needs time to rest to ensure a full recovery,” he added.

The actor who brought to life characters like Gandalf. the Lord of the Rings85, played John Falstaff in a production of Henry IV, which began a 12-week tour as part of a show called Kings of Players On the west end in April.

On June 17, he lost his balance and fell during a fight scene at the Noël Coward Theatre. Those present reported hearing McKellen Screaming broke out and the show was eventually cancelled. The audience was evacuated from the theatre after the incident.

Ian was taken to hospital at the time and was deemed out of danger, but it was not determined what he might be suffering from.

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