The UK ambassador’s reaction to the way Martha Debayle drinks tea

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Nicaraguan broadcaster and broadcaster Martha Debayle has been a trend in recent hours Via social networks, because after sharing what looked Innocent tips to be a great host, He ended up becoming the target of criticism, as well as the target of post-it memes Netizens would classify his advice as impractical bordering on ridiculous.

He advised his followers to replace a simple cup of water with a Tray with jug, glass, cooler, clip and napkinIt also serves a variety of breads and sandwiches in a glass tower.

However, two of the most notable statements were in it sure soda cans are ugly, Therefore, it must be handed over to the guests, wrapped in a sock. The second is his way of serving cold tea, Instead of giving it up Perform a complete ritual which involves passing hot black tea from one jug to another with ice, so that it cools there and can finally be served in a cup.

Due to the disruption caused by Twitter user networks He asked the British ambassador to Mexico, Joe Benjamin, to certify the way Marathas were being consumed Tea, surprisingly, replied.

John Benjamin, UK Ambassador, responds to Martha DeBaile’s viral video

According to data from Tea and Infusions, in 2016, the population of The UK consumed a total of 60 billion cups of this liquid, which is an average of 900 individuals for that year’s population. Therefore, it can be said that they are experts in the field and their opinions matter.

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In light of this, Rocio P. Arnaz decided to share a tweet in which, in addition to uploading Martha’s video, she asked Ambassador Joe Benjamin to certify “if anyone in the world drinks iced tea like this.” With only five interactions, her application almost seemed lost; however, The ambassador responded surprisingly On his official account citing the tweet and adding that “You don’t drink like that at home.”


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