It doesn’t get hot, it’s stylish and very comfortable

We know that very well French They are experts in anticipating all trends, whether in fashion or beauty. During the Street style They have made it clear to us since last Paris Fashion Week that navy blue will be one of the colors that will win this season And this is how they showed us their true selves Your favorite Skechers for summer: They have a classic touch and girls who spend their summer up north will want to imitate them immediately.

These are Skechers sIt is perfect for the most beautiful women, it blends easily with all our looks and is very comfortable. It will give any style a touch that is as modern as it is classic, sophisticated and very elegant. They are designed as a nautical pattern, and although they look good with any piece of clothing, we will especially stand out if we wear them with that signature print of every summer: sailor stripes.

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