Bolsonaro’s ex-minister arrested in Brasilia

Bolsonaro’s former minister arrested in Brasilia Photo: Reuters.

Former Minister of Justice in the government of Jair Bolsonaro and former Minister of Security for the Federal District (DF) Anderson Torres was arrested Saturday on charges of facilitating the invasion and acts of sabotage at the headquarters of the three powers in Brazil.

Torres was arrested upon disembarkation at Brasilia International Airport and taken to a detention center where he will remain at the disposal of justice, according to a statement from the Federal Police (PF).

At the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Palestinian Police, Judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), decided on Tuesday, Torres prison, which remained in the United States.

Because of the incursion and looting committed on January 8 by radical supporters of Bolsonaro in the National Congress, the Federal Supreme Court and the Planalto Palace, the seat of the executive branch, the DF governor, Ibáñez Rocha, sacked Torres.

De Moraes had ordered the day before Investigate the behavior of the leaders of Rocha and DF Security during coups.

The decision was taken negligently or negligently by those authorities, and the decision corresponds to a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which will be responsible for the investigations. Initially, the following will be under investigation: Rocha, Torres, Fernando de Souza Oliveira, former Acting Minister of Public Security of the Armed Forces, and Fabio Augusto Vieira, former Commander of the Military Police.

Also on that day, the Federal Public Prosecution Service announced this He asked the STF to include Bolsonaro in the investigation of the masterminds and instigators of acts of terrorism in Brasilia.

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Now, it will be up to the Chief Justice, Minister Rosa Weber, to analyze the application and decide whether or not to open an investigation or send the application to another Minister in the Court.

During the week, at least 79 prosecutors and two deputy attorneys sent Attorney General Augusto Aras a criminal representation against the former army captain in the so-called crime of incitement, which is proven when someone is publicly encouraged and encouraged to commit a violation.

The document calls for an investigation of the former soldier in the field of false news investigations (Fake News), anti-democratic acts and digital militias, cases under the direction of the STF.

According to the content, there is a post made by Bolsonaro between January 10 and 11, where He questions the outcome of the electoral fairs in October won by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

In the content of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on Friday, signed by the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Carlos Federico Santos, it is stated that the audio-visual material published on the social network of the ultra-conservative politician occurred a few days after the greatest episode of the series. Looting in Brasilia more than 60 years after its founding.

(With info from Prensa Latina)

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