John Fernandez will compete in the European Championships in the UK against Dalton Smith

Great global promoter Match room It ended up taking the auction that gives the right to organize European Boxing Championship Including a citizen of Bilbao John Fernandez He is a co-aspirant. The auction was held on Tuesday in Rome. Spanish team from PCI promoter Put on a very good show until the battle is over BilbaoBut the British are the hero Dalton Smiththey bid and withdrew from their wallets.

He will face the undefeated Englishman “Junever”. Dalton Smithwho after a very good amateur career, achieved 16 victories as a professional, 12 of which were by an apprentice. The great billionaire Eddie HearnIt’s called great nights of boxing and that means trying to win the European Championship after winning the silver title WBC vs. Jose Cepeda Last March in Sheffield Arena, SheffieldThis is the scenario in which Bilbao player Juniver may end up promoted.

John Fernandez He held the EBU title for six years, but between weight and class changes and his career in the United States, he was never selected as an official contender. “My time has come,” Günfer posted on social media when he found out he was one of the hopefuls.

I’m happy, not because of money. We will win, they will like the offer and they will call us more often. It’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for when I was in good shape.

Joan Fernandez

The fight has a special motive if possible, because Smith, nicknamed ”thunder’ He is world No. 3, which means a win for Günfer would put him at the top of the world.

“I’m happy, and not because of the money. For a few days I felt like I had to go fight there for many things. The first is because we will win, the second is because they will like the show there and will call us more often, and the third is because it is the opportunity I was waiting for when I was in good shape, not like this.” against Michael Rivera“Junfer, who has already had a fight this year, wrote on his Instagram profile. He was in Fronton Bizkaya Bilbao, In victory vs Giselle Corrales. It will be your first test Jennifer in it United kingdomsince his entire career was written in Spain and in United StateAnd another one in your country ‘thunder’, Which, with the exception of one battle in Italy and one in Austria, played to its full potential in the United Kingdom.

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