The Suncine focuses on the climate emergency through 100 films

Another year, and now with 28 issues, Suncine, the international environmental film festival, is back loading to showcase the most powerful and intriguing work on environmental issues, warning of the most sensitive situation our planet is in at the present time. That is why he invites the viewer to cross the line in search of alternative, sustainable and positive solutions in order to reformulate the dialogue with nature after the turning point that marked the pandemic and the climate emergency.

It will be from November 3 to 11 in a hybrid event that will take place simultaneously in Barcelona and Mexico City and can be followed in cinemas, such as Girona, with the free App Fest and on public televisions Betevé (Barcelona) and Channel Once (Mexico). In total, the program collects 118 audiovisual pieces of “a great variety of formats”, from feature films to short films and animations, and this edition has reached the record for films received, nearly 4,000. It will go to The Golden Sun, Awarded to the film that opens the festival Eating is our way to extinction, a film co-produced and narrated by actress Kate Winslet, and shows “evidence predicting environmental collapse.”

The celebration of Suncine coincides with the Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow (UK) and from the organisation, they explain that the festival focuses on the vision that young people have on the climate emergency, for which festival director, Jaume and Gill adds that it is intended to “explain to us how They see it and what do they suggest or ask for.” This year’s co-star is Gary Dordan, best known for his role as Warrick Brown on the CSI series, who asserts that the current crime he’s worried about is environmental crime.

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Ten “high profile” feature films will compete in the festival’s official selection for the Sol de Oro, a type of environmental Oscar, because it is the oldest environmental film award; In it, business deals with issues such as a pandemic, climate emergency, or new technologies.

The proposals for the competition are: memorization game, against the backdrop of a heated national debate about captive big cats in the United States; Ait Atta: Bedouins of the High Atlas, which proposes a cross-generational perspective on the essence and challenges of the nomadic Bedouin in a Moroccan society in constant transformation; earthwork, a documentary about the occupation of the Dannenrod forest in the state of Hesse, which was evacuated in December 2020; bright green lie, A critical look at so-called “green” technology and this movement that is leading us to destroy the Earth disguised as the Environmental Protection Agency.

Chickens, viruses and us, filmed in March 2020, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, when a family took refuge in a mountain town with their three children; Operation wolf patrolon environmental activist Rod Coronado and his attempts to end wolf hunting in the United States; From Legplates and Seeds, which shows Chef Santi Cordon and perennial farmer Alberto Marin taking a trip on a vegiciclo (a bike with a mobile garden) from Tudela to the Málaga Film Festival; HassanAbout the danger of extinction of the black bear for Taiwan and Gaudí’s solitudewhich draws a poetic parallel between the life of the architect and Catalan society during confinement.

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In addition, Suncine suggests different sections such as the special section, which focuses on showing the active side of world cinema personalities in works such as kiss the earth (Kiss the Earth) with interventions from Woody Harrelson, Patricia Arquette, or Gisele Bundchen; Cher and the Elephant ShepherdAs the actress and singer travels during a pandemic to rescue Phil Kavan who has been caged for 35 years, or leopards, the last work of Spanish photographer Andoni Canela and his son Unai.

The heroes of the documentary “De Quixotes and Seeds”

sun sign

For its part, the Miradas Division presents documentaries and animated films under 45 minutes in length that compete for the WWF Spain Prize. Gill notes that “the goal is to have cinematography from most of the world that allows us to know the current state of our planet.” “The documentaries in this section check it out from reality or from those animations that give us that fun point more,” he adds.

Produced by SUNCINE Edu, it contains highly educational content aimed at family audiences and educational centers. The festival will conclude on November 11 with a thematic film, Youth vs. the government, which chronicles the work of 21 young people who have sued the US government accusing it of working for six decades on behalf of the current climate crisis.

The goal is to get cinematography from most countries of the world that allows us to know the current state of our planet

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Jaume GilSun sign manager

Beyond the performances, Suncine will be programming parallel activities such as conferences, discussions and workshops that will address, among others, the new emerging character in photography, the “Environmental Assistant”, responsible for ensuring environmental sustainability in development. for audiovisual production.

Besides the performances, Suncine will also schedule parallel activities such as conferences, discussions and workshops

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