Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Saga of Fire: The comedy is the biggest musical event in the heart of Europe Television | entertainment

This Netflix movie was nominated for the 2021 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Europeans tend to get thrilled every year with the ancient continent’s most important musical event: The Eurovision Song Contest, Each country’s actors pose for competition in a series of shows brimming with talent, drama, crazy costumes and extraordinary choreography. The 2021 Grand Final was on Saturday, After Italy won.

Latin America has little connection to this wonderful event, but now we can better understand its significance through comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of an Epic Fire, That since the previous year (the only year that the competition was not held, due to the epidemic) allowed to know the complex world of Eurovision and to show some of the more extravagant aspects of the competition through the situations that Icelandic duo Fire Saga, Formed by Lars Ericksong (Will Ferrell) and Sigret Irxdottier (Rachel McAdams).

They both dreamed of participating in Eurovision since they were children and grew up in the small town of Husavik, which seemed completely unlikely, but perhaps due to the divine act of the elves (Sigret prays to those traditional entities in Iceland) they both managed to be chosen to represent their country in the release of this event to be held. In Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), which will be watched by 180 million viewers. That’s how big Eurovision is!

Ferrell heard about the festival from his Swedish actress wife Viveka Pauline, That’s why he decided to write and produce this film as a tribute (and parody) to European competition. This explains why it is so full of the winks and situations that have marked the history of this event since its birth in 1956, especially when featured artists are featured in more recent editions.

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The biggest show for winners and nominees during Dryers call Song along (“A Song to Sing Together”) with the participation of Alexander Ryback (2009 Winner), Lauren (2012 Winner), Conchita Wreste (2014 Winner), Jamala (2016 Winner), Nita (2018 Winner), Jesse Matador (France 2010), Elena Nisheva (Estonia 2018), Bilal Hassani (France 2019), Anna Odobsko (Moldova 2019) and John Lundvik (Sweden 2019). Allegedly unofficially developed by artists, this wonderful music scene includes Themes Believe (Cher), Beam of light (Madonna) Waterloo (Apa), Don’t leave without me (Celine Dion) W. I have a feeling (the black Eyed Peas).

Viewers will also be enthusiastic about Sigrit’s performance on stage with the theme. Húsavik – my city (Husavik, my hometown), sang in Icelandic and English with the voice of Molly Sandin, who represented Sweden in Junior Eurovision 2006. This song was nominated for Oscar Award 2021.

The movie caused the small fishing village, with a population of about 5,000, to become a tourist destination in Iceland. It will be for the festival The American version is called American Song Contest, Which has been postponed until 2022 due to the epidemic. (E)

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