“Music + Talk” combines songs and commentary… like in a radio show

Spotify in Mexico introduces a new function called “music + talkThrough it, users can create new types of podcasts consisting of playlists and comments on songs that are played like a music radio show.

The key is that the structure of the program is different and that the free users will not listen to the whole songs, But only fragments.

Programs can be found by both free and premium users, but only the latter will listen to the full songs. free users They will hear 30 seconds of the song and then the program will resume. Spotify ensures that this new model Artists who receive royalties for the number of copies benefit from these showsThus, free users cannot finish listening to their songs.

Display Structure

Another difference with traditional podcasts is that the structure of the show can be seen on Spotify, and the user can quickly choose to listen to a block or a song. Here is an example:

Spotify lists some shows that can already be heard as part of the new feature. Among them are “Tutti Frutti”, “De Pelicula”, “El Show de Chato y Cheto” and “El soundtrack de una Vida”. Any other creator can join As long as you are using the Anchor platform.

Through Anchor, creators will have access to Spotify’s library of 70 million people Tracks to add them to your podcast. Formatting will also allow users Can directly interact with the music included in the podcast. For example, a listener can bookmark a song and share each song. a path in an independent way.

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Mexico is just one of the countries where the job is expanding. Available for the first time in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Music + Talk now arrives in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain and Italy , the Netherlands, Sweden and Mexico of course, so with such an ambitious expansion, it’s worth noting that Spotify Received a positive response from users.

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