The stars of “In the Heights” share what the Ladies Salon is like in the movie

The beauty of upper Manhattan is displayed in a manicure and pedicure salon in the musical “In the Heights”.

Daphne Ruben Vega, Stephanie Beatriz and Dasha Polanco help capture the culture and values ​​of the Latin Quarter in Washington Heights through the women who run the folklore saloon.

“They set an example of how the people in your community can become part of your family, really your family of choice, and that these people are very committed to not only seeing you succeed, but really seeing you thrive as a person.” Beatrice, 40, told the Daily News.

“They also provide this incredibly lovable and safe space, especially for the women in this story, but really for all the characters… It’s a great place to celebrate beauty of all kinds.”

The living room serves as a central hub for the film, which opens Wednesday at the Tribeca Film Festival before hitting theaters and HBO Max on Thursday.

Adapted from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical, In the Heights brings back fan favorites Daniela, played by Ruben Vega, and Carla, played by Beatriz, as it introduces a new character to Polanca Coca.

The stars agree that a salon is much more than a place to make a makeover.

“It symbolizes dreams,” said Polanco, 38. “Small business owners. What we like to call the VIPs of our community. They are like hoods and famous legends, what can I tell you? They’re there and they’re bringing everyone back.”

“In the Heights” takes viewers inside the color room during the live song “No Me Diga.” But outside the living room, women are also portrayed as VIPs within a neighborhood where every resident pursues big goals.

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Daniela, Carla and Coca performed the premiere of the distinguished dance and composer “Carnival del Barrio”, where the characters sing with respect to their countries of origin.

“It’s a celebration of life in the face of all kinds of adversity,” Ruben Vega, 51, told The News. “That determination to be happy, and how strong it is in itself. Yes, it’s nice to see the flags fly and everyone saying, ‘Oh, here I am!’ But more than that, it’s just a sense of belonging.”

The musical “In the Heights” features Daniela and Carla as business partners, and the movie modernizes their relationship so that they are lifelong partners as well.

“It’s just part of the background to the movie, and that’s really vital, I think. [LGBTQ] “Audiences see themselves as part of the fabric of the film, and their stories don’t always have to be emergent stories, always tragic or always full of drama,” said Beatrice.

The actors felt a personal connection to their characters. Born in Argentina, Beatriz remembers that her mother became friends with her classmates and staff at the salon she attended after moving to the United States.

Polanco remembers visiting a local salon when he was young and loves how In the Heights covers this aspect of the community.

“This is what instills confidence. This is what instills confidence, and among these three women, this is what they give to others,” Polanco said. “In this community in Washington Heights, this is where they go to unleash, motivate, express, get advice, make tough decisions, and rest. It’s a revolving door for who I am.” [call] Unapproved transaction.

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The film offers a window into the lives of many in the neighborhood.

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