How much money does a tournament winner win?

This year, there are fans in the seats of Philippe Chatrier, but this is not enough to prevent accounts Roland Garros They suffer. This is evidenced by the presentation of cash prizes to the participants of the Parisian championship, which for the second year in a row are reduced by 10%. Last year, the prize pool totaled €38 million, and in 2021, it dropped to €34,367,215.

Those who will notice the cuts the most will be the players who make it to the final rounds, as those who lose in the qualifying round or in the first two rounds of the draw will get the same amount as in 2020. Those players who are going through a tough time, financially,” he highlights Spotlight on Tournament Director, Jay Forget.

Champions – both in men and women – will receive 1,400,000 euros, which is 12.5% ​​less than in the previous edition, when Iga Swiatek and Rafael Nadal each lost $1,600,000. For their part, the finalists will take €750,000, 50,000 less than last year, while those in the semi-finals make €375,000 per capita, 11.82% less compared to the 425,250 that qualified for the 2020 semi-finals.

The decrease in quantity is of the same magnitude for those excluded in the eighth and sixteenth quarters. Players who have reached the third to last round will receive 255.000 EUR, 85,000 more than those who exited the tournament in the round of 16 and 142,000 more than those who did so in the third round. In all of these cases, the prize fell by more than 10%. From the second round, the amount is no different compared to 2020. From highest to lowest success in the tournament: 84,000, 60,000, 25,600, 16,000 and 10,000 euros.

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In the case of the doubles competition, which traditionally awards fewer prizes, the difference is greater this year. If nearly half is delivered in 2020 compared to previous occasions, in 2021 Winning pairs bonus drops by 23%, amounting to 244,295 euros. In the same proportion, the money won by the runner-up (144,074 euros), the semi-finalist (84,749 euros), the elimination in the quarters (49,853 euros) and the eighths (29,325 euros).

The most humble of the Grand Slams

Even before the pandemic, Roland Garros was the Grand Slam Less reward offered to award holders Little has changed with the general reduction across the circuit. The last US Open awarded 2,550,000 euros to the winners (the prize in previous editions exceeded three million), while the highest reward at the last Wimbledon, which was not played last year due to the ravages of the pandemic, was 2,730,000 euros in year 2019; And that the last Australian Open, held earlier this year, was 1,750,000.

This comparison changes if one looks at the tail, not the head. The Australian Open, the only one to be held so far in 2021, increased its bonus to the ‘weakest’, who took 95,000 euros in loot if they fell in the second round and 63,500 if they lost in the first round. . In the previous Wimbledon edition of the pandemic, 80,000 euros were given to those knocked out in the second round and 50 thousand euros for those who fell in the first round. At the last US Open, the prizes for the first to leave the tournament were not far from those of Roland Garros (85 thousand euros for reaching the second round and 51 thousand euros for falling in the first round).

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