Chris Kattan Isn’t A Jury Member On Season Three Of Celebrity Big Brother, Who Will Break The Tie?


Being a guest on Celebrity Big Brother, or the main series Big Brother, is tough. And on the third season of Celebrity Big Brother, Chris Kattan kicks himself out and leaves the house early. Since he was going to be a jury member to vote for the last two players at the end of the season, it makes you wonder what his departure would mean for the final voting board.

A typical Celebrity Big Brother jury consists of nine vacated guests. The number is odd to avoid a tie, as there is no way to break a tie with the bottom contestants in place for the expelled jurors to vote. But Chris technically hasn’t been kicked out by his fellow players, so if he can’t vote, how will voting work during the final?

Source: CBS Could Chris Kattan vote for the final episode of Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother?

If Chris had been kicked out of the house and expelled in typical big brother fashion, he would have been an official member of the jury. However, he left alone, explaining that he could not bear to be separated from his loved ones while participating in such intense competition. While his reasons for leaving so early are understandable, it means he has no say in this season’s final vote.

The last three guests on the third season of Celebrity Big Brother are Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, and Cynthia Bailey. On the final night, one of them will be eliminated during the three-part Family Head Competition. The vacated guests will then vote on which of the two bottom guests will receive a $250,000 prize.

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Source: CBS

The jury consists of Todd Bridges, Lamar Odom, Carson Kressley, Shana Mockler, Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai Nagasu and Teddy Mellenkamp. Anyone who is disqualified from the three finalists will join them, forming a jury of eight.

Host Julie Chen Moonves explained on Celebrity Big Brother that if there was a tie, the US would be able to send in votes to break the tie.

Will there be a season 4 of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’?

There has been no official word yet on whether there will be a fourth season for Celebrity Big Brother. The good news is that fans are always eager to see the celebrity version of their favorite reality quiz show, so as long as CBS has room for a fourth season in its Winter 2023 lineup, there’s a good chance there will be one. big celebrities Brother season 4.

Celebrity Big Brother Season 4 Confirmed Now Julie #CBBUS3

– Liv (@liv4504) Feb 19, 2022 There is also a British version of “Celebrity Big Brother” that fans love.

While you wait for another winter section of the US version of Celebrity Big Brother, there are plenty of seasons for the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother to help you out. Past seasons include famous guests such as Verne Troyer, La Toya Jackson, Sisqó, Ivana Trump, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. The UK version of the show obviously has a lot of American celebrities that fans of the US version would kill to watch on TV.

You can watch older seasons and clips from the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother on YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be any other ways to stream this version outside of the UK, so if you want to see some of the D-list stars you’ve been wanting to have on the US version of Celebrity Big Brother, there’s at least one way to do it. Do it.

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Watch the final episode of Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother on February 23, 2022 at 8PM EST on CBS.


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