Britain bans the use of weak passwords such as “1234”

The UK has banned the use of weak default passwords, Such as “1234” or “admin” in Internet connected devices. This is because they seek to ensure that manufacturers meet minimum standards for protection against them Cyber ​​threats And the computer hacking, Ensuring the safety of users.

This ban comes from a proposal submitted in 2021 under Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill.. Since then, the proposal consists of Prohibit the use of global passwords Or weak By default on connected devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The new regulations are designed to comply with consumer protection against Computer hacking And the Cafe attack. It requires that connected smart devices comply with “minimum security standards” set by the law, which took effect on Monday, April 29.

One regulation prevents manufacturers from implementing Default passwords that are weak and easy to guess In Internet-connected products, as explained by the Science, Innovation and Technology Department of A Statement on the government website.

This aims to enhance the protection of people, society and the economy as possible Cyber ​​criminalsIn addition to increasing consumer confidence in the safety of the products they buy and use.

This law, which is part of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) system, is designed to improve the country's resilience to… Cafe attack And make sure that “Malignant interference” Does not affect the global economy, the goal is to increase Cyber ​​resilience In the country, where 99% of adults own at least one smart device, it is found in homes on average Nine connected devices.

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What are the types of passwords and where will they be blocked?

This means that They will not be able to use passwords like “1234” or “Admin” On devices connected to the Internet, e.g Smartphones, tablets, TVs, speakers, smart watches, Video game consoles or even, Attached refrigerators. If you use a Commonly used passwordThe regulations indicate that the user will be prompted to change it upon login.

Data published by the news agency European pressthe smart phones Those who are part of a household can be exposed to more than 12,000 Hacking attacks Coming from all over the world in one week.

In total, two thousand 684 intended guess attempts Weak passwordsAccording to a study conducted by? Quoted from the government.

Other UK cyber restrictions

in addition to, United kingdom It provided other security protections, such as requiring manufacturers to publish contact information so that users and companies could be notified that bugs and problems were fixed.

Manufacturers and retailers will also need to be honest with consumers about the minimum time receipt can take Security updates Important in connected smart devices.

In addition to all this, consumers and cybersecurity experts can also report any product that does not meet the standards set forth in the regulations to the Office of Product Standards and Safety (OPSS).

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