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The lioness They concluded their very positive US tour, which took place from April 17 to 29. Today, Monday, the Argentine national team returned to the country after more than a week of training and friendly matches in preparation for the big goal of this season, which is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Rio Cortiensis Victoria Miranda And Ana Luz Dodorico They were part of the “Albiceleste” team that traveled under the leadership of Fernando Ferrara. Miranda was among the first list of call-ups, while Dodorico joined at the last minute after the loss of Clara Barbieri, another goalkeeper for the team who trains regularly in Buenos Aires.

The tour included four friendly matches with the local team, all of which were victories for Argentina: 1-3; 1-5; 0-4; And 0-1. Zoe Diaz was one of the most prominent stars of the matches, scoring goals in three of the four matches.

  • Match 1 | April 22 | United States 1 – 3 Argentina | Goals: Zoe Diaz -2- and Eugenia Trinchinetti.
  • Match 2 | April 23 | United States 1 – 5 Argentina | Goals: Rocio Sanchez Moccia, Lara Casas, Maria Jose Granato (2) and Zoe Diaz.
  • Match 3 | April 25 | United States 0 – 4 Argentina | Goals: Carolina Carrizo -2-, Eugenia Trinchinetti and Agustina Gorzelani.
  • Match 4 | April 27 | United States 0 – 1 Argentina | Target: Zoe Diaz.

Photos: Argentine Football Association
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