The savings bank defends its transactions, but does not respond to Martinelli’s account

the state Savings Bank (CA) stated that all of its actions “strictly comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Panama”, in a statement issued on the same day it was learned that she had opened an account in the name of the former president. Ricardo Martinelli And three other people, all of whom were investigated for alleged money laundering in Odebrecht.

All banking operations in our entity fully comply with the requirements, standards, regulations and processes established by the regulatory entities, including extended due diligence and all corresponding paperwork, in full compliance with our internal procedures.The Algerian News Agency said, in a “official statement” that it published on its Twitter account on the social networking site, on Thursday night, April 8th.

The entity maintains that all information regarding its operations is available to the authorities and regulators, “through the corresponding channels.”

Martinelli was not mentioned in the statement. Before, the press Send a questionnaire to the Director General of the Authority, Andres VarugiaAbout his authorization to open the account to the former president, but he did not respond. The bank spokeswoman indicated that she could not answer the questions, because the information is confidential.

CA opened an account in the name of the former president, in December 2020, with direct authorization from Farrugia, despite warnings from state bank compliance officers, given the client’s profile, his exposure to “PEP” (a politically exposed person), and ongoing corruption and money laundering investigations In Panama and referenced in other investigations for the same reasons abroad.

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On December 23, 2020, this account received an international transfer of WaterVista Properties, LLC. , The owner of the mansion located in Coral wall (Miami, United States) from the former president, who was arrested on June 12, 2017, by the US Federal Marshal Service, at the request of Panama, where he was charged with an illegal interception of private communications. The transfer amount for his CA account increased to $ 6.7 million.

$ 6.7 million in the international transfer was distributed in turn to four private benefit organizations that opened additional accounts in California in January this year. All of them were approved for fixed-term deposits, while Martinelli, from the bank, received a credit card with a maximum of $ 30,000. Even CA’s general manager, according to sources consulted in this way, assigned him a bank official on the fifteenth floor of the headquarters to personally attend to all the requirements of the new client.

The foundations that received money from the $ 6.7 million transfer were four, all created in January of this year by attorneys and former officials associated with the Martinelli family.

The first to be created was the Fundación Santa Familia, registered in the Public Registry on January 13, 2021. It was founded by Martinelli himself. Then, on January 15th, two of them were registered: Fundación Becoña, its founder Aurora Muradas Fries, And the Santiago de Chile Foundation, its founders Maria del Sol Rivera And attorney Alejandro Perez Saldania. The fourth is the Karenhall Foundation, registered January 19. Its founders are Ursula Banz And the lawyer Perez Saldania.

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The four institutions include notable personalities and members of the Constituent Assembly: Thomas Martinelli Melendez, As Chairman; Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Was investigated and acquitted for alleged visa fraud while she was the immigration director as a secretary; And Jamis Acosta Guerra, Treasurer. In turn, Pérez Saldaña has been listed as the resident agent of the four institutions.

Aurora Muradas Fraiz, rsula Banz, María del Sol Rivera and Ricardo Martinelli were accepted as clients of the bank despite the fact that the four were mentioned and were investigated in the Odebrecht file. The first three even shared the same nickname. It is evident from local investigations that Odebrecht has collectively called them “Periquitas”, despite having assigned a number to each individually (Periquita 1, Periquita 2, etc.).

On Thursday April 9, Martinelli’s lawyers held a press conference. When asked about the account at CA, they replied that the conference was exclusive about the actions the former president was supposed to take against Baltasar Garzon International Foundation for Human Rights (FIBBAR), Who just won an appeal in Spain to be accepted as a plaintiff in a case investigating bribes paid by the FCC to Panama officials.

The Spanish National Court It ordered the inclusion of Martinelli in the investigations taking place in Madrid into crimes of money laundering and corruption in international transactions.

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