Indigenous people of Solola present proposals to the President of Guatemala

The leader of the Ancestral Organization, Simeon Balaks, told the press that they asked the president to find solutions to these three issues, especially the situation with vehicle congestion on the roads of the region.

He added: “We hope in God and trust that the president will respond in a special way as the people of Solola did at that time in the resistance struggle,” in defense of the winner of the last election.

Arevalo previously visited the Sustainable Management Authority of Lake Atitlan to learn about and understand the work of that institution, which protects one of the nation's great natural heritage.

He explained that they briefed him on the key issues and discussed different ways in which they could collaborate to improve the scope of the work they do there.

He pointed out, “We agreed that we will continue the dialogue to try to find out to what extent we can support rescue efforts and sustainable management of this natural gem that our country possesses.”

The Head of State participated, first thing in the morning, in the signing of the Health Charter, through which care will be provided in the region and which aims to lay the foundations for dialogue with the population, together with the indigenous people. The peoples. .

In a press conference held later, he confirmed that he would announce within a few days the course of the election of provincial governors.

The 65-year-old former diplomat added: “We are working to create a certain procedure within the framework of current law, and this will allow us to carry out this process as soon as possible.”

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Arevalo stressed that civil society, represented by the authorities, will choose the shortlist from which the President of the Republic will choose the next governor in Solola and in all departments.

In response to a question about the changes required in the government, he expressed that they seek to bring about a transformation in the state, so that it works open to the population, fights corruption and fights for transparency to achieve development for all.

The President addressed other issues such as the conflict between the municipalities of Nahuala and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan in Solola, which dates back to 1862 when the former began the process of secession and which escalated between the two sides.


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