“I didn’t come on vacation, I came to improve your league,” says ‘Chicharito’ Hernández on his arrival at MLS

Arrival Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez for football United State It generated a lot of expectations among the fans, but the Mexican footballer was not performing as expected.

In this sense, the 32-year-old striker, with whom he signed a contract Los Angeles Galaxy Last year, it was announced Football of the Americas That arrived at football League (MLS) To increase your athletic level and not because you are already considering retirement.

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I didn’t come here for a vacation. You are here to improve your league somehow. I want to see all the young talent from the United States and improve as my teammates do in MexicoThe former national team said.

On the other hand, Hernandez sees the rivalry between football Mexico The neighboring country in the north supports the growth of sport in both countries.

“There is a way that Mexico needs to learn from the United States and the United States must learn from Mexico. That is why this rivalry is so special, because both can improve in every way.”

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The Chicharito numbers weren’t the best with a set AngelsSo far, after a year with Team Galaxy, he’s made 12 matches with only two touchdowns.

With information from Mediotiempo.

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