Mexico is transforming the traditional tourism model into a more sustainable one

While speaking at the Future Destination Forum, organized by Travesias magazine, the President of Sectur stated that this activity in the current administration promotes social inclusion, decent work, effective management of natural resources, environmental protection and cultural values.

He warned that tourism activity is dynamic and connected to its environment, and therefore the risk of environmental degradation, over-exploitation of natural resources, degradation, loss of biodiversity, cultural transformation of population, among others, always remains lurking.

He pointed out that for this reason it has become necessary to find a new model for tourism development that meets the requirements of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

He pointed out that among the related projects that have achieved successful results is the “Coxator” project, which means “living tourism,” which aims to preserve biodiversity in coastal ecosystems, through designing and implementing innovative policies and models for sustainable tourism.

He explained that this initiative is being worked on in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, with funding of $7.2 million from the Global Environment Fund, and is being implemented in the La Paz-Sierra corridor. , in Baja California Sur; the Huatulco-Chacahua Corridor in Oaxaca; and the Mayan Ca area of ​​Quintana Roo.

He expressed that another effort made by the Ministry of Tourism in favor of sustainability is the promotion of badges such as the Blue Flag and the Green Key, in coordination with the Mexican Environmental Education Foundation.

He pointed out that the Blue Flag seeks to raise the level of awareness among tourists and residents about the importance of environmental systems, especially coastal ones, and is awarded to beaches, marinas and tourist boats, for their excellence in environmental management, safety, services and water quality.

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Mexico is ranked first in America and tenth in the world in Blue Flag locations. Regarding approved tourist boats, it is ranked first in the world.

Green Key seeks to raise awareness and create awareness among guests, hotel staff and suppliers about caring for the natural environment. Mexico ranks ninth in the world and first in America for hotels with this rating.


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