The puppy who lost his nose spreads online – pets – life


Fudge, puppy UK

Fudge operation was performed as part of medical treatment


Tik Tok: @ceriandfudge

Nonsense, a puppy suffering from cancer, is the epitome of overcoming. His story caused a stir on social networks, especially on TikTok.

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UK-based owner of the puppy, Ceres Jackson, told international media that her pet developed cancer a year ago.

Doctors told him that to save Fudge’s life, an operation that would leave him without a nose was necessary.

After Fudge survived the risky surgery, the owner, who had already been posting about her pet, was surprised that the pup became a netizen for his special, but poignant appearance.

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According to the information available, Jackson submitted a request through the for-profit crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to be able to pay for post-op medical expenses. And this is how social media users get to know the story of Fudge.

Today, this animal is quite popular and is dedicated to standing gracefully in front of the cameras. Its owner shares videos and photos on social networks where it is impossible to deny the cuteness of the little animal.

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