The Organization of American States begins its General Assembly by setting its sights on the electoral farce in Nicaragua

The Organization of American States (OAS) opened its 51st General Assembly on Wednesday with Guatemala as the host country and The scenario dominated by the questionable elections in Nicaragua, in which Daniel Ortega signed his fifth term.

In his opening remarks, the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Louis Almagro, I assure thatRenewed America is a challenge we cannot postpone. He stressed that our country is the victims of poverty, migration and climate change.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, he noted that “The international vaccination plan is an absolute priority“, while expressing that many countries in the region, especially Central America, have immunization rates around”20% of the population“.

He then briefly referred to the situation in Venezuela by saying:We are facing a huge immigration crisis. Receiving thousands of Venezuelans is an effort for every country. Migration must be dealt with urgently“claimed.

Finally, he thanked the efforts at COP26 and stated: “We have to find solutions to tackle climate change. It takes more effort“.

Luis Almagro at the opening of the OAS General Assembly

The delegations of the 34 countries that make up the main discussion forum for the American continent They meet for almost the second year in a row For the meeting, which started on Wednesday and continues until Friday under the slogan “for a renewed America“.

What happened this year in Nicaragua will be the focus of discussionAfter last Sunday the leader of the Sandinistas Daniel Ortega was re-elected in an unopposed election called a ‘farce’ by the majority of the international community.

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Ortega, 76, who has been in power since 2007, won 74.99% of the vote on Sunday, a day marked by the absence of the seven hopeful opposition presidential candidates. They were arrested in the months leading up to the elections on charges of “betraying the homeland”.

Almagro asked for an answer

In the previous , The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States has placed the issue of Nicaragua among the priorities of the General Assembly, by rejecting elections in that country as “illegal”.

Almagro on Tuesday urged OAS countries to “Response to this clear violation of the democratic charter“During the secret meeting that will be held until Friday.

Thus, the official joined the condemnation statements made by various countries in the regionAlthough the response was not uniform across the continent, in light of the support expressed by Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.

The Organization of American States opens its 51st General Assembly with its eyes set on the disputed elections in Nicaragua (Reuters/Stringer)
The Organization of American States opens its 51st General Assembly with its eyes set on the disputed elections in Nicaragua (Reuters/Stringer)

area test

He said that after the elections, the situation in Nicaragua is a “test” for the international community evey Michael ShifterPresident of the Washington-based Center for Studies on Dialogue among Americans.

For the expert, this is a “core issue” on the agenda of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, a body he described as a “mirror of the strong polarization” in the region.

in spite of It is expected that a decision will be reached after three days of the sessions Ortega regime, Atlantic Council expert Domingo Sadorni admitted that the OAS is facing Special restrictions A multilateral organization that “has the votes of its member states”.

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Hence, he noted the need for the United States to “take the lead” to coordinate with the European Union (EU) and other partners on actions towards Managua, in order to avoid this example given by Ortega, his wife and his deputy. The president, Rosario Murillo, is following the lead of other countries in the region.

Besides discussing Nicaragua, this meeting will also cover topics such as “The question of the Falkland Islands”, which puts Argentina against the United Kingdom; Promotion and protection of human rights, And democracy.

COVID-19, its evolution and impact in the hemisphere are also on the agenda, as well as a commitment to the sustainable development of the post-pandemic region.

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