The Obelisk of Buenos Aires celebrates its 85th birthday – Prensa Latina

When this special history is fulfilled, the iconic Buenos Aires icon becomes more enticing than ever, after a complete revamp of its façade, promoted by the metropolitan government through the Ministry of Public Space and Urban Health.

It is important to restore the splendor of one of the symbols of the great city. We are doing maintenance and painting tasks, said the minister in that bag, Clara Museo.

In order to improve, among other things, the rails surrounding it were restored with a special treatment to restore the original materials, in addition to performing a water wash of the structure, removing vegetation and non-adherent plaster well.

85 years after its construction, this monumental business, the spoiled girl of those who live here, steals the eyes of the long 9 de Julio Street, which stands in its heart, in full view of all passers-by.

Although at first he had many detractors who even fought to demolish him, the truth is that today the most visible symbol of Buenos Aires is valued at thousands of stories of struggle, love and heartbreak.

A visitor who arrives in these lands, runs in search of a picture but above all contemplates this beauty built on May 23, 1936 to mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Argentine capital.

The inspiration of poets and writers, the obelisk with the past was a partner in the dream of many Argentines, couples and families who left on their feet an instant postcard immortalized in a special moment in their lives.

It was also the center of thousands of marches and protests organized by social organizations and major events.

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Alberto Prebisch was responsible for giving life to this architectural beauty, which was built in what was a church dedicated to San Nicolas de Bari, and which was decided to demolish to build 9 avenue Julio.

With 170 tons and a height of 67.5 meters, today’s Prebisch work, thanks to technology, is highlighted at every event with colors and balloons at its tip.

When a world championship is won, when it is dedicated to a specific day, it lights up to remember the date or celebration.

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