A person infected with Manaus or UK strains can infect 10 others

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Dr. Alberto Querida is a medical therapist and works in both Chacabuco and Junín. And he explained what the situation the Covid pandemic is going through and the increase in cases.

“It is a very difficult moment from several points of view. In principle, from the number of beds required by patients, with the requirements of intensive care, moreover, because it is observed that there is a change at the age level in relation to the first wave. You see a lot of younger people, up to 60 years old, people between the ages of 32 and 47 entering. I think what is missing here is social behavior. Regardless of the size of the staff expansion, the number of beds, if you do not have protection and precautions for not being met, if we do not get this education, it will not be possible with any kind of expansion of services, ”he began by saying.

To inform this later “One person infected with the disease infects four others with common strains. Now we’re talking about two other genomic sequences, Manaus and the United Kingdom, which have a transmissibility of 1 in 10.” Given the emergency in these cases, in Chacabuco, we had a 6-bed intensive care unit and relocated it to deliver 10 beds. In addition, we set up another 3 in another sector to give 13 opportunities for patients who need mechanical breathing. “

The human part
In addition to the necessary equipment, the doctor also highlighted the crew’s work.
He said, “In addition, there is the human part. Patient management in the intensive care unit differs from other sectors in the hospital and we also ask the cooperation of medical staff who work in other sectors. Increase in technology is money, but human resources are time.On average, training a therapist takes five years of residency and all that follows.

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“You have a limit on patient care. By law, there are seven in ideal conditions and it can be extended because this does not have an ideal situation but the quality is lost because of the professional burden.” This is why people sometimes say yes, we can get a respirator but to the staff where do we get it from •, he concluded.

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