The NFL opens doors to more international players

The NFL opens the doors to a greater globalization of its league and the dreams of young outfielders. Through an official memo, the association stated that starting in the 2021 season, foreign players recruited through the International Track Program (IPP) will be able to sign and be promoted to the first team.

Previously, IPP players were exempted from the roster to remain in the coaching staff for the entire season. New rules now allow teams to sign or raise such players to their active list.

The fourteen who are currently part of the program can agree to terminate their IPP contract and sign a coaching player contract within the primary team, though, requiring the NFL to remain on the first team for at least three consecutive games before then. It is activated.

The goal of the International Player Pathway is to give players from outside the United States a greater chance of earning a place on the NFL roster at the NFL level; By 2021, 14 players are coming from eight different nationalities.

These Mexicans include Isaac Alarcon, an offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, and Alfredo Gutierrez, the drafted offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers. Alarcón was already in the Cowboys’ reserve last season, but thanks to his high pre-season performances, he could be one of those selected to move to the first team.

The other youngsters part of the IPP in 2021 are: Bernard Sikovits (Austria) of the Arizona Cardinals; Eve Cult and Christian Wade (Great Britain) of Buffalo Bills; Maximilian Bircher (Italy) of the Rams in Los Angeles; Dorval Queiroz Neto (Brazil) from the Miami Dolphins; Jacob Johnson (Germany) of the New England Patriots; Sandro Platzgmer (Austria) of the New York Giants; Matt Liu and Jordan Melata (Australia) of the Philadelphia Eagles; Aaron Donkor (Germany) of the Seattle Seahawks; and David Bada (Germany) and Samis Reyes (Chile) from Washington.

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According to an NFL statement, the team is lifting the original IPP exemption, and cannot bring the player back to it.

The announcement comes a few days after the league also said that 14 players in the IPP can wear the flags of their home countries on their team’s helmet, along with the United States, and thus the flags of Austria, Australia, Brazil and Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom can already be seen in their protection.

Most importantly, the IPP was established in 2017 with the goal of providing elite international athletes with the opportunity to compete at the NFL level, improve their skills, and eventually earn a place on the starting line-up, any of the 32 teams.

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