Pope Francis highlights the role of young people in changing the world

Within the framework of World Youth Day on August 12, Pope Francis expressed that with the help of young people and their innovations, a different world can be built where equality is achieved.

“With the help of young people and their innovative spirit, we can realize the dream of a world where bread, water, medicine and work flow in abundance and reach those most in need first,” the pontiff said on his Twitter account.

The Pope’s call comes in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, with many organizations and authorities asking the international community to promote the equitable distribution of supplies to combat the virus, among other problems.

The United Nations General Assembly established International Youth Day in 1999, for young people to participate in the promotion of peace and social struggle.

From various political fields in the world, social and youth organizations have expressed their contribution to urging the building of a more equitable world and with authorities that meet the needs of the population.

On this day, the Brazilian organization Levante Popular de Juventud determined that with Jair Bolsonaro’s government, “there is no place for youth. On this day when National Youth Day is celebrated, the gift that comes from Brasilia (the capital) is Brazil without incentives, without scholarships, without competitions, without Action “.

For its part, the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST) encouraged the construction of a popular alternative to the existing social reality in Brazil and in rural areas.

“We are young people of all cultures, scattered all over Brazil, but we are uniting around building a community project that will provide better living and working conditions for the entire working class, especially rural youth,” says the group.

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