The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala receives the President of Honduras

The President arrived in Quetzal Land via the Air Force facilities in this capital, where she was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and from there they headed to the National Palace of Culture (the headquarters of the executive authority).

As the Minister of Social Communications previously explained to the President of the host country, Castro and his counterpart Bernardo Arevalo will hold a private meeting and then present a joint message to the media.

The President of Guatemala confirmed the visit a few days ago and expressed that they would sign two bilateral cooperation documents.

He specified that it will work to simplify available mechanisms and advance all types of issues, “as countries that share borders and have common challenges.”

The then president-elect traveled to Honduras on January 4 of this year to learn about mutual challenges and opportunities.

“Our mission is to develop and defend democracy in our countries,” said the 65-year-old former diplomat, a sociologist by profession.

Castro is on a regional tour to elect the secretary of the Central American Integration System (CICA), and his first stop was in Costa Rica last Thursday.

The Honduran president, who arrived last January after Arevalo’s leadership change, holds the interim presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) for the period 2024-2025.


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