An American aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea to conduct training – DW – 06/22/2024

On Saturday (06/22/2024), the American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt arrived in… South KoreaIn a show of force after the summit held this week between Russia and Iran north korea.

The South Korean Navy said the ship entered Busan Naval Base, 320 kilometers from Seoul, with the 7,600-ton Aegis-equipped destroyer USS Halsey.

This represents the first arrival of a US aircraft carrier to South Korea in seven months since the visit of the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in November, as well as the first stop in Busan for the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which participated in a trilateral naval exercise between Korea. South. United State and Japan in April.

The arrival comes days before the three countries hold their first multidisciplinary trilateral exercise later this month, known as Edge of Freedom, and amid efforts to strengthen cooperation on security issues against potential threats from North Korea.

The United States and South Korea were already conducting similar exercises under the name… Freedom Shieldin which they will now also seek to involve Japan.

The arrival of the aircraft carrier also comes after the North Korean leader this week Kim Jong Un Russian President Vladimir Putin held a summit in the North Korean capital, which was the Moscow president’s first visit to the secretive state in more than 24 years.

in this context, Signing a “comprehensive strategic partnership agreement”Which replaces the bilateral agreements concluded by Moscow and Pyongyang so far, which require both parties not to sign agreements with third countries that violate the other’s fundamental interests or engage in such actions.

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