The Mexican team faces the USA and some final memes are released

the Mexican national team And United State Head to head for a new address CONCACAF On social networks they continue to pay attention to the performances of Jaime Lozano's students and of course the memes cannot be missing.

The ultimate memes about the Mexican national team and the United States, Jaime Lozanoand even Santiago Jimenezstarted flooding social networks.

Among those most mentioned are Santiago Jimenez and Henry Martin, due to the recent dispute over ownership, but other elements such as Hirving Lozano And Uriel Antuna They were not saved from Mexican humor.

Best memes from Mexico vs USA final

Will there be a new CONCACAF Nations League champion or will the Americans retain ownership? While the final is being decided at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA, enjoy the best memes ever. Mexican national team.

The match started and United State He controlled the ball and started raising the first warnings against him Guillermo Ochoa. If they are in the field, they have already “tuned” El Tri, it is not said on the networks, where the memes do not stop falling.

Mexico national team meme. (social networks.)

Mexico national team meme.

Mexico national team meme. (social networks.)

Mexico national team meme.

Mexico national team meme. (social networks.)

Third time's the charm? Mexico and its pending case in CONCACAF

to Mexican national team He has indigestion CONCACAF Nations League. In the last two editions, the United States shined at the top of the podium. In the third edition, Mexico wants to change the postcard.

In the first edition, which was held in 2020, United State Won the Mexican team 3-2. Gerardo Tata Martino He was still on the tri-color bench.

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In the 2022-2023 season, the Mexican national team did not even reach the final, barely managing third place thanks to a controversial victory over Panama. On the other hand, the United States won the double championship after defeating Canada 2-0.

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In the third edition of the CONCACAF Nations League. The Mexican national team wants to break away from American dominance and what better place to do that than the final.

In addition to the CONCACAF Nations League, the Mexican national team has not beaten the United States since 2019, and since then they have met six times with the Stars and Stripes having four wins and two ties.

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