The Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences: The Last Days

As announced by the ballet (, at the end of April, the call to apply for the funding program was opened. Metropolitan for Culture, Arts and Sciences, framed in “Cultural Drive”.

Registrations are open through May 19, with fonts adapted to the epidemic and a total budget of $ 36,500,000, and are made online through the Telemetry System (TAD).

This year the Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences offers three lines of support, always for Buenos Aires residents:

Create: Intended for artists and creatives with artistic projects of any discipline: visual arts, circuses, street artists, performing arts, music, science, dance, audiovisual production and more. For virtual and / or digital projects (not exclusive).

The work of cultural spacesAiming to finance service and maintenance costs for cultural spaces, as well as to adapt rooms to conform to Covid-19 protocols.

All duly registered spaces are included in the Registers of Proteatro, BAMúsica, Prodanza and BAMilonga Hall, in the Register of Cultural Uses (RUC) and / or in the Catalog of Independent Cultural Spaces (CECI) in this line.

Training and qualification: It targets those who carry out activities related to teaching, training and cultural artistic training, with projects to be personally developed (according to current Covid-19 protocols), virtual or combining the two methods.

In addition, in 2021, projects related to gender issues, led by women and / or dissidents (in the three funding lines), will be prioritized, without this being an exceptional criterion.

Full reports on orders:

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