UK to ease travel restrictions abroad

The UK will update its travel restrictions abroad and create a new traffic signal system, which will effectively lift the ban on holidays in some foreign countries and ease quarantines on return to the country. British media such as The Telegraph reported on Thursday that the Foreign Office had done so She “discreetly withdrew” her recommendations not to travel to places like the Canary Islands, Portugal, or various Greek islandsBut the procedure has yet to be officially confirmed.

A traffic light system will be introduced based on the level of risk for each country on Friday, in which one of the three colors (green, amber or red) will be given, which will entail Different rules for returning travelers depending on your holiday destination list.

On its official website, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs still “advises against making any unnecessary trip to Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands”Based on the current COVID-19 risk assessment. ‚ÄúThis phrase has caused media confusion in Spain and the UK, as we have made clear on the State Department website and updates: Confusion.

However, a spokeswoman for the British Embassy in Madrid told Efe that These notices precede a general veto on international travel. In other words, the ban on leaving the country is in effect for all cases and all countries until the destinations classified as “green”, “amber” and “red” are announced.

Under the new system, those returning from the “green” list may not be removed from the “green” list upon their return to the UK, while those coming from the “Kahraman” destination will have to self-isolate for at least five days.

Citizens who have gone to destinations on the “red” list (the highest risk due to the virus), upon their return, will have to save Quarantine for 10 nights in a British government licensed hotel – At an estimated cost of EGP 1,750 (2,016 euros), to be borne by the citizen himself.

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In assessing the risks posed by the virus in each country, several factors will be taken into account, such as the proportion The vaccinated population From every destination, Infection rates, Appearance of New variants of the virus Or the Entering the data Trusted scholars from countries.

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