The Guatemalan Congress rules out the election of TSE judges

This work will be within the competence of the new legislative body, confirmed the MP from the ruling party Vamos, who expressed that they are currently preparing a list of requirements for their elected counterparts to take over and request the 2024 settlement.

Congress suspended the special session that was scheduled to be held this Thursday due to the lack of the required quorum, and the call to hold the special session remained tomorrow.

On Friday's agenda, starting at 10:00 local time, the election of rapporteurs of the National Office for the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment appears as one of the selected issues.

In addition, he intends to swear in the new and replacement Executive Secretary of the National Council for Migrant Assistance in Guatemala (Cunamigua).

Analysts on social media indicated that this legislative body, in its final hours, had nothing to do, except for some final maneuvers, and urged citizens to keep their attention in the plenary session.

As January 14, the date for the inauguration of 96 new deputies out of 160, approaches, political forces remain behind the scenes trying to promote the next president of that organization and the chairs of the committees.

Blanca Alfaro, the highest-ranking figure in Guatemala's Supreme Electoral Tribunal, reported the previous day that the four ordinary judges who left the country had requested a 20-day leave and would return in February.

The president commented: “Neither my colleagues nor I enjoyed the holidays, because we came from 2020 when there was a pandemic, and we were working, but we were locked in the building.”

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With the withdrawal of immunity on November 30 for Irma Palencia, Gabriel Aguilera, Minor Franco, and Rafael Rojas, Congress gave the Public Ministry the green light to investigate them.

They are accused of alleged irregularities in contracting for a computer service to transmit voting results.


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