The series is based on a romantic comedy and ranks first in the ratings

Streaming platform Netflix continues to surprise its subscribers with seriesAnd the films and documentaries it adds to its catalog month after month. The productions are very diverse and meet the expectations of all age groups, so we can find premiere titles as well as other films that have already been shown in cinemas and on television.

Regal Cindy: The Series. Source: Netflix

On December 20 last, Netflix It enabled the series to quickly become successful and reach the top of the rankings. It is a sequel to a 2020 Mexican film that received the best reviews and is now returning in this format, although there is another part of the story in the film.

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The series everyone is talking about is “Regal Cindy: The Series“, a Netflix original production starring Michelle Pellicer, Luciana Valle, Anxel García, Carola Cuarón, Vincent Webb, Janeth Villarreal, and others. Its first season launch includes seven episodes averaging about 30 minutes in length.

this series It is based on the comic directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta and Santiago Limón, which in turn was based on the comic book character created by Ricardo Cucamonga. The plot, although separate from this film, offers new perspectives on the life of the protagonist as themes such as first love, identity, hormonal changes in adolescence and the intrusion of social networks into youth will be addressed.

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Regal Cindy: The Series“It has the ability to engage its young audience and introduce them to the high school environment that has obviously been a huge hit on Netflix. This series is directed by Miguel Necochea Jr., Indra Villaseñor Amador, and Ruth Sherem Daniel, professionals who have given the production their wisdom to make it what it is today,” A week after the premiere, it's a hit that takes off quickly and doesn't happen. You want to fall from the top of the rankings.

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