PAHO to close many areas in the Dominican Republic due to Covid-19

Santo Domingo-. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has considered that due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 today in the Dominican Republic, the government should close several provinces and implement remote work in those areas.

According to Listín Diario, this was stated by the director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Environmental Determinants of the Pan American Health Organization, Marcos Espinal, who specified that the first action should be with the greater Santo Domingo region, where there is a high rate of hospitalization and saves 65 percent of infections. .

The expert also recommended continuing to vaccinate the population against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, especially in the application of the second dose, and praised the work done by the government in this regard.

Espinal noted that speeding up the application of the second dose is important because only about 15 percent of the population owns it and it is necessary for the system to be complete to complete protection.

Finally, he said that in addition to the so-called (parties), there are other factors that affect the high rate of transmission of the virus in this capital, ‘the number of users who need buses, metro or famous people’. Popular oysters or taxis to go to work, these transportations are full.

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